The Brokenness is Good

Encourage me much. Even broken crayon still color.
Thanks. 🙂

Mystical Journey


The other day at a store I saw a sign that read, “Even broken crayons still color.” I had to stop for a second…or two…maybe a few minutes pondering on that statement. I stood there in a busy isle of a department store taking up space with my eyes closed as I repeated each word out loud.  It was one of those powerful AHA moments that anyone can witness looking at you.  I was having an epiphany and two other ladies in the same isle stood staring at the same sign.  And, even though none of us spoke, we each took with us something from those words.

How many times haven’t we shattered into million pieces? How many times haven’t we believed, in that state of desperation, that we have no shine; that we aren’t worth it; that life is over in that brokenness? Those small fragments in us mend…

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19 notes to myself

Noting myself too. 🙂

Part-broken, Part-whole

Look at this list. Trudgy, preachy, smug even I think. Honestly, I can be pedantic as hell. Maybe it’s something we all are from time to time. This one time I started writing down things that seemed to matter to me. It might have begun as something of a wish list for the kind of love I wanted to attract into my life. What would this person be like? What about them would I find appealing or distasteful? How would I like to be treated? And so on.

It was interesting what transpired: as I wrote I began to understand that this was less about what I wanted in someone else, and actually; quite precisely who I wanted to be myself. These qualities, this articulation, this idea of “goodness” – embarrassing as that sounds – is what I aspired to. This is who I want to be, and am (hopefully)…

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