Missing Fragments

Malang, February 2nd 2015


Dear my Malaysian Friends— Adrian, Navindran, Daniel Raj.

I was unsure how I wrote this letter. I wrote and deleted, and wrote again, and deleted again. What word I should write? What should I say? And well… Here I am, I wrote this. But hey, are you already meet each other? Are you getting well together?

Guys, we met for a short time, six years ago, in same class. We met in awkward situation, Me with my imperfect English, and you all with influently Bahasa Indonesia. However, language was not boundaries. We could pass it nicely. In the end, we could kid around, laugh hard, move and sing together.

You know, sometimes we were too complacent. We forgot about world and its mysteries, waiting for us to unlock it and knowing what inside it. I already told you, we met in for a short time. For me, it was too short. You’ve gone one by one, before I could tell what I should say.

Adrian, my kindest friend. You were like a brother for me. You know, the first time we met, I already captivated by your gentleness. You were the first who greeting me in the morning. You were the first who congratulating me in my birthday (with your pretty fiancée— Mithella), with a cup of chocolate milk as your little gift. You were the first who correcting my English patiently. Well, until now, my English is still not good, but at least it’s better. Thank you, Ad.

Navindran! My partner in crime! My cheerful friend, you and your free consideration, always made me speechless. Behind your playfulness, dorky self, and funny jokes, you really have a determination and wise heart. You once told me, with a steady tone in your deep voice, you want to grab a chance being a cardiologist in Rusia. You once told me to live this life fullest, no matter what others said. You once told me to life passionately and enjoy every moment. For me, you are freakin’ awesome. For our bright days, and your great advises, thank you, Navin.

Daniel, my caring friend. You remember what we share in our first time co-ass duty? We shared our pasts, our cultures, and futures. You advised, ‘You will find the one. Because you have a kind heart. I know it.’ Then, without my knowing, you silently typed in my hand phone ‘Cheer up!‘ because I was sad that day. I smiled. And the last time we met in front of Navin coffin and you planned to going back to KL, I hugged you and said, ‘Do you really need to leave? I don’t want to lose friends anymore. Don’t go.’ But -well- in the end, you left three months after your best brother. But still, you and your caring heart are still warming my days till now. Thank you, Dan.

In some moments in my life, I found I wish you all were here. I wish we had time to get lunch together, sharing stories and laughing our stupidities harder. I wish I could hear again your ‘Sugeng enjing’, ‘Sampun’ and ‘Matur suwun’. I wish we took pictures more often. I wish we could graduate, get doctor title and wear white coat together.

Somewhere -in heaven- I wish you read my letter for you all, and know how much I thank and miss you guys.


Your Indonesian friend,
Gladish Rindra.


note : ditulis dari hati, untuk 30 hari menulis surat cinta hari ke-4


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