Comic Paradox


I am often saddened when a celebrity takes their life but when I heard Robin Williams may have committed suicide I cried.  If this famously funny man, who made millions of people laugh, couldn’t fight depression then what chance do any of us have?

Robin Williams was pretending to be an alien when I was around eight years old.  I didn’t understand the humor but his personality, his mannerisms, his impersonations were mesmerizing. Watching him was like going to the circus and watching a dozen different clowns inhabit the same body.  I will always remember him as the quirky alien in a stripped shirt, rainbow suspenders, and an extremely furry body.  But the most memorable thing about him was his smile and how it touched his eyes.


He was like static electricity, a live wire, on the comedy stage and had the most brilliant dirty humor.  Robin Williams was the…

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