That’s how Gods’ way work. He never let us alone.

You know, fall in love is the most idiot thing in the world, in my sight. Human who chose to fall,  is not more than a stupid person. And me, don’t want to be one of them. Oh big no no!

I have fallen in love, and it hurts as hell. Yeah, I’ve been an idiot one, and I am not a dork. I don’t want to feel it, twice. Being independent is a best choice then. Alone is the good companion. I don’t care about people thought about this, but stand by myself is the best part of my life.


Maybe till I meet him.


My life is not a fairy-tale. Not a princess story that trapped in a highest castle, waiting a prince looking for her. Not a longest hair girl who escaped from her prison with her hair. Oh, that’s too good to be true. Mine is a dark one. A true happiness already succumbed from me. Too much heart-broke, and impossible for being fixed.

He knew, and he was willing to waiting.

I pushed him away, and he still stood up beside me.


‘I don’t need someone who helping me, but I need someone who will catch me when I fall,’ I said.

‘Then I will watch over you, outside your line,’ he said.


‘I am broken,’ I said.

‘Then I will fix it. We will fix it. You trust me, right?’ answer him.




He’s my north pole, while I am the south one.

‘This relationship is weird.’

That what I said to him, one day. I thought about it so much this day. Everything is so weird, about me and him.

I am too carefree, independent, ignorant. I am too busy with my business, till I always forget say ‘good morning’ or ask ‘how’s your day?’ It’s funny, because instead of me that should send numerous messages like that to him, actually, he already done it. Every day.

Every single day.

I memorized it. At five o’clock, when sun still rising shyly, he will send a good morning greeting. While I already in my way to my workplace. He will ask about my breakfast, my schedule, my oh-so-everything. Then at six in the evening, he will call me, ask about my day, and share his life.

He is the first one who will say ‘I miss you’ and I often just answer with ‘Oh yeah, I know.’ Or simply with, ‘me too.’

I don’t know. It’s just… everything he did, it should be done by me, not him.

Here it is, we are like north and south pole of magnet. So much difference, yet we always attracting each other.


‘Am I woman? Or a man in a woman body?’ asked me to him.


‘Because you are the one who always care, who always brave about share your feeling. Usually it’s a woman job. We are too much difference, right?’

You laughed. ‘Yes, and I like it. We must completing each other, right?’




I don’t know if he will be my last, or not.

But I love him like a child. Madly, like I never hurt before.


‘I won’t said I cannot life without you, because believe me, I can life without you. But I don’t want a life that you are not there. I don’t want life without you.’


9 thoughts on “Mine

  1. Sebenarnya mencintai tidak menyakiti. penyebab sakitnya adalah kecewa karena tidak sesuai diharapkan. Cinta adalah anugerah. manusia hanya berusaha. keep posting

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