Too Late (English Ver.)

Tittle        :  Too Late (English Version)

Author     :  Adiez-chan

Length     : Ficlet (760 words)

Genre       : Angst, sad



I miss you, who didn’t even notice me. It’s simple.

(Ri, 2012)


“Geez … why are your eye-bags become bigger, Ri?! Do you not sleep or what?” Tiny fingers with peach-colored nail came down under the eyes of man in front of her. Her expression which full of anxiety was ultimately unanswerable. He just carved out a thin smile.

Strong hand of that silence figure was touching the wrist which now stopped at the corner of his eye and pushed it away from his face gently. Then her fingers slipped between his, and held intertwinned them as a small grin curved from her lips. Her adorable expression that framed in perfect face shape turned a gaze into the sky, not caring if her touch was equivalent with the effect of electric shock in the man’s body.

Rin, do you ever, miss the feel of being missed by me?” asked the man, suddenly broke the silence.

Uh, Ri? Tie of their hands were instantly released, as a pair of cat’s eyes from the girl looked at him, surprised.

Mianhae…” the man was only able to reveal one word to the girl in front of him. For a moment, he stared at the redder twilight, with the sun turned down, as if being swallowed with the land, before looking at those eyes again. Maybe you remember, I’ve expressed my feelings to you. Even after all, not the least sense was eroded. And if you know, I am always missing you, even when you did not notice me, as simple as that. My strength was unable to dodge. When are you going to realize my feelings, Rin?

The brown-colored eyes could only respond him with a look of guilty. There was a thin glasses in her eyes, ready to glide, but hasn’t yet. She just bit her thin lower lip, and whispered softly,
“Mmian… Ri, Idid not mean to…”

I know, interrupted the man as he stroked his black hair with his fingers. I know, Rin. Your eyes, your heart, your attention, your life, just devoted to Ji hyung. There would be nothing left for me. There will be no place for me in your heart, even just for one letter of my name. I know, Rin…

There was silence then. Both were just silent, leaning against the iron fence boundary of the hill, staring at the empty expanse of orange which is almost extinguished.

Rin, Should I stop running, Rin? Should I stop hoping? I’m tired, Rin…”

Clear droplets eventually decayed and made one thin line in that girl’s cheek. Some drops flee to her platinum blonde hair that wind lulled. She was unable to say anything to reply, not even a bit of a word to answered that question. She knew it was just a rhetorical sentence without need a response.

You used to say, ‘Don’t wait, I can’t assure you.’Does that mean I could stop walking, Rin …?”

Not even a rejection.

At least from her lips, after he continued waiting her who loved another man. What a circle of them never found the end.

Her hands gripped his flannel shirt covered arm, “Ri, jebal… andw—“

Normally he couldn’t bear to hurting her by saying the painfull words like this. Normally he would not have the heart to see those eyes full of her tears. Usually he wouldn’t think twice to pull her in his arms. HoweverBut not this time, when he had to freeze his feel. “Mian Mian Rin…”

His hands pulled off her fingers from his shirt, and rubbed her smooth hair with a soft touch. For the last time. Be happy, Rin…”


The man’s long strides had not stopped though, even for a backward glance. He just sighed softly, didn’t know whether he should regret his decision or not. His right hand was now opening tattered paper that had been brought. Job transfer letter.

‘Lyon, be nice to me …’


The girl and the sky which slowly became black, only able to let the shadow of the man vanished, itself. Her fingers wrapped around the fence harder and harder, trying to hold back tears which swiftly falling. Whatever came out later from her lips, just to be heard by herself. Only to swallowed again without anyone could hear it.


“Gajima, Ri! Gajimaaaa! “

“Na ddo… saranghae… Na ddo, Ri…”


(Rin, 2012)

Which will first sink, your back that docked on the street corner, or a faint twilight and then disappear…?


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