Vraies Victoires

There are no victories. They don’t need a mic to be heard. They don’t need a dance floor to dance. They don’t need the stage to be above all. They don’t need the spotlight to shine. In every award that they received it only symbolizes that their talent is recognized. In every title added to their names comes a bigger responsibility.

There are no victories for them. For every spotlight comes darkness. For every recognition comes a criticism. They may have countless of awards, recognition, praises, titles under their belts but that doesn’t make them victorious. A true victory comes from their heart, for them being humble, for having their feet on the ground and for always looking after their fans.

Thank you, Big Bang for always making us proud. Thank you, VIPs for never letting go of their hands.


Source : Soompi BIGBANG (written by Bamn)


My Note:

Speechless when I read this article. ><

Okay. First, I think they’re boys that can stand up on their own foot. They’re so tough, strong enough to passed last year. When artists chose to end their life, BIGBANG chose another choice. I really adore them for the struggled that they faced. What should I say then?

Their bonding, and their own self both too strong to  be destroyed.

And, how can ever think to leave such a greatest group like this, then?! ><
Even I upgraded be hardcore fan when they got  bad incidents like ~euhh, everyone knew, right?~
I love them more and more. Should I say, I kinda addicted now? Omoo…

G-dat appa, papi Tabi, abang Mohawk, Daeppa, baby Ri -okay, I know it’s kinda funny when you read it, but that’s I and JiLo called them-
VIPs always hold your hands, keep raising~

ahh yes, do everythin that you all wants. anyway, it’s your life, not me or anyone else. It’s yours.  Be wise. 😉


6 thoughts on “Vraies Victoires

  1. it’s a year since i ‘proclaimed’ myself as VIP. tough year to carried as newbie(fans) but me love everything about them. proud of anything on them.
    new steps ahead..and yess,it’s not about victory it’s about being mature..more responsible,learn from the past,to be better.
    nice post,adiez..let’s united to give them best support,make them proud to have us,V.I.P!!!

  2. in the middle of the night, I see the power of V.I.P , dear Daesung , i’m still shock bout your blonde hair, but i still Love you no matter what happen. . . . Big Bang jjang. !

  3. read it, read it, already. thanks for the tag.

    they are one of not-so-big list-of-idols that I adore totally by their talent. I love them for their work, so yeah, when something like this came up, I can’t help it but feeling I should love them more. They deserve it and I don’t think I will regret it 🙂

  4. whoaaah this is what i feel too , i’m so proud being VIP , and i think i’ll never call me as a ex-VIP when i am old , i’ll call myself VIP , bigbang’s fan !! until forever >< LOLs

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