Chaerin never like with ‘waiting’ word. Boring. Useless. Wasting time. She never want waitin someone.


Ah, Except him..

He is the only exception. He is the one who she always want. He is…

her world.

Her lips curved a little when she imagined that guy come from door in front of her, and give her smirk that always make her heart beat fast. She played her foot under table, tried to wasting time.

Oh come on, please come soon…

She looked her watch in her wrist. One hour.

Two hours..

Three hours.

Is he not come for me?

This smile slowly dissapeared like sand on the beach. Her eye balls started covered with water, made this cat eyes more like glasses.

She even didn’t know why she waited him. She should left him for better life. Or love. She is not the nerd girl that can’t get someone better. Opposite it, she absolutely can pointed one and she will get someone new.

But everythin didn’t go same.

Everythin like in the wrong way when she wasn’t with him.

And in the end, she admitted. There is must him.

Must him.

She looked the sky that turn on the orange colour. With yellow and red abstract line, they made a beautiful creature. He won’t come for sure…

Tear felt down quickly, went to her cheek.

Should she keep waitin?


Shocked, she looked for the one called her. She knew well this voice. Voice that always she missed.


“I’m so sorry for my late. Teddy hyung made me can’t go out from studio.”


“Chaerin? Are you mad?”

He came…

This smile back. Brighter. Shinner.

“Jingyo oppa, I can’t mad to you…”


15 thoughts on “Waitin…

  1. halahh!! dasar Chae..Jingyo is her universe!!
    bkn yg model Daesung-Minzy wktu itu donk…shocking sweet!!
    gud job,dear..always great to read ur words!^^

  2. and the “jingyo oppa i cant mad to you” words close everything… nice one ^.^ oh my godness!! it’s so simple, romantic and what must i say it.. uhm.. so real (?) hahaha…

    as usual you make a beautiful words eonni! Jjang!

  3. haha.. the love she felt, it’s just simply amazing. make her forget everything included how mad her over jiyong cause he was late..ah, this pairing really i LOVE ’em. How i wished they would going out in real life.

  4. G DRAGON be a man, face the press, say to the world that ” CHaerin is yours, your girlfriend, and soon she will be your wife in the future.” LOL #IknowI’mDelusional#

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