“If I die, what will be remembered from me?”

The last ceremonial for my friend had ended, and I was waiting Kafi -my friend- in front of Grima. Friends came and left to made me more calm. They hugged me, and said “Adrian don’t wanna make you sad, Gladish. Don’t cry…”

and I just nodded.

Then, one of my bestfriend, Ais, came to me. She is like my li’l sister in college, since she is in different batch. I’m 2009, and she is 2010. She doesn’t know Adrian, but she came to his last ceremonial.

“Unnie, how amazing of Adrian.”

I try to catch her mean, but I can’t. I looked her eyes, and ask, “Why, Ais?”

“I don’t know Adrian, unnie. So, I asked to my other friends and some seniors, “Who’s Adrian?” And they answer, “You don’t know? He is the one who always greet everyone, in everyplace with smile.” I just think, he’s the kind person for sure, unnie…”

I nodded. “Yes, he is. He is the kindest person I ever met.”

She wiped my back and continued, “Adrian have passed away, and people remember him as the kind person. I wondering, if I die, what will be remembered from me?


Then, I just answered her, “Maybe your scandal with President of BEM.”


I laughed. or maybe, tried to laugh. I just didn’t want to make her more afraid of me. and then she’s went first.


Alone -Kafi didn’t come yet-, I think.

Yes. What will be remembered from me?


I’m not kind person like Adrian. I’m not genius like him.

No, I’m not.

What will be remembered?

My egoism? My gloomy face? The stupid one? A loner girl? Just a coward?

I don’t know.


If I die, what will be remembered from me?



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