Rest in Peace, My Beloved Friend…

It was shockin news for me.

I was waking up in the morning when the news came. my best friend have passed away. not because sick, but someone killed him.


That morning, what I felt is like dreaming. nightmare. And really, I want to wake up soon. but actually, it’s not dream. It’s reality. Adrian, my kindest friend, really gone. left us in this earth, goin to somewhere.

maybe heaven.


This day, suddenly became a holiday. no lectures. But we – me and my other friends- went to hospital in Malang, where Adrian would autopsied. We all wore black dress, and when we came there, and waiting for a long time, his girlfriend came.

they make that relationship for a long time, since 7 years ago. and her soulmate was gone now.

and the baddest part, saddest piece is, she looked how Adrian have killed. She looked.

She looked how the murderer used the chopper to cut his neck.

What should we do if we in her position?


We were in hospital till noon, and because I have another meeting that I must come. When I was  in the meeting room, I got message, we must come in last ceremonial for Adrian at 6 o’clock.

Last ceremonial.

I just bite my lower lip to hold my tears. I can’t cry in meeting room, rite?


It was still 5.30 when I came in Graha Medika, place where last ceremonial. Some people went to musholla, so just some friends in there, include Tanisha and Diana, friends from Malaysia, in there. I could see tears in their eyes. And hell yeah, when I see Adrian picture in there, in X-banner, once again, I bite  my lips.

Just think, yesterday, I’ve seen his laugh, his tease, and now, I just see his picture. and maybe, lifeless body. Can I?


at 6 o’clock, the coffin came. I can feel some tears escape my two eyes.

Last ceremonial began. When my college teacher gave some speech, he said “Adrian is the kindest student, he always greeted me, “Good Morning, Doctor!”. He is shiniest student.” and he cried.

How kind of him, till my lecturer cried for him. Yes, he is an angel.


The end of ceremonial, they gave me, as his friend to looked him for the last.

We went to that coffin and looked inside. My eyes saw him and his closed eyes. His face looked very peaceful, very bright. Like he was in happiness at the last time. Like he was ready for see God.

God, I really couldn’t hold my tears anymore. I couldn’t help my self to not wail, scream in my friends chest. I couldn’t calculate the escape tears. too much. too hard to handle.

he just… too precious for me.

I couldn’t believe my precious friend wa’s gone. left me.

I couldn’t believe I can’t see his laugh, his giggles, his smile.

I couldn’t believe I can’t hear ‘fanta’ nickname, or his teases anymore.

I couldn’t believe at all.

or maybe… I didn’t want to believe.


When I was in my way to my house, I just think.

No things that eternal in this world. we all know about this, but we always try to deny it. We always do this life like we’ll in this earth forever.

no. we all will gone. will goin to somewhere new.

we don’t know when it’ll happen. maybe now, tomorrow, or some years later.

and Adrian Jay Pereira, gone first.

it is the best way for you, right, Adrian?



ps : I miss you already, bro… :’)


3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, My Beloved Friend…

  1. oh God..
    this is such a heart-breaking piece :”(
    I’ve been always curious with your written on your blog, not even thought this post would be the first post i read of you..

    and i’m not even know what Adrian looks like, but…

    this post almost makes me cry…
    not wondering anymore why you always tweet gloomy things on twitter lately…

    lastly, i hope Adrian knows he has a wonderful friend like you, he must be rest in peace to know that…

    • omoo…~
      I’m so sorry, pipii. U read in wrong time, and it made u must read this sad post..
      anyway, why u always curious, what u expect from me?

      almost cry? huuu…~ no tear from your eyes dear? 😦
      isshh! I should make it sadder, darker. hha..
      yes, my tweet so gloomy, rite? is it disturb u much?
      so sorry…

      he must be rest in peace now. anywhere he is now. 🙂

      thanks for read, pipiii… :*

  2. pengalaman yg sgt berat, pasti! kehilangan teman baik.. teman yg mungkn tdk akan kita temukan lg yg seperti dy.. palagi pergi dgn cara seperti itu. Tetapi bukankah orang baik biasa.a pergi lebih cepat, krn saking sayang.a Tuhan dgn org itu.. Maka.a dy cpt2 mengambil Adrian. Tp who knows itu memang sudah waktu.a Adrian pergi atau dpaksa pergi karena perbuatan seseorang yg tdk bertanggung jawab. Psti sedih sekali y Chingu, Be Strong! 🙂

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