[Ficlet] Memories (II) : Lost

Title       : Memories (II) : Lost

Length  : Drabble (Chap II of III)

Genre   : Romantic,

Cast       : Choi Eun Kyo (OC), Choi Seung Hyun (TOP Bigbang)

Other Part : Memories (I) : Happiness

Disclaimer :





The only certain thing in life is uncertainties, and my feeling for you.

“Princess …”

A girl with brown curly hair downed the book she was reading and put it on the table in front of them. Then her hand moved off her minus glasses, tucked in her right pocket and finally she focused her eyes stared at the man beside him. “Nde?”

“Ani…” that tall man swallowed his words that had been on the tip of his tongue and re-opened the book he held.

“Aaaa …” She pursed her lips to form a sullen expression and just closed the book in his hands with force. Her actions were like asked him to make eye contact with her in a gaze, “Wae, Seung Hyun?”

Seung Hyun, his name, formed a thin arch on his lips and say, “…Oppa. Call me ‘oppa’, Eun Kyo, and I’ll tell you.”

“Hhh …” the girl called Eun Kyo snorted softly and threw her eyes around the room library of Seoul. She had just come to Seoul to meet Seung Hyun, and she must accompany her boyfriend to the library to do his thesis that dormant for a year because he disappeared.

A moment later, her gaze turned back to Seung Hyun. He was thinner. She did not know was this just a feeling, or whether indeed it is. Although he may tried to cover it with a long coat which wrapped his body, and a syal that covers her neck. And Seunghyun face that looked gaunt and pale. That girl tried to ask him, but he only answered sober until she tried to believe it.

“Oppa …” Eun Kyo pressed each syllable in her word. “Now tell me.”

This time, not only smile formed on her lips, but a victory grin. He got what he wanted. Then he looked right at the Eun Kyo’s eyes with a deep and dark look, as if showed seriousness, and hided something in his heart, “Do you love me, Princess?”

The girl’s forehead suddenly winced, “Nee?”

“I’ve always loved you, Princess. Do you love me, too? ”

Embarrassed, she glanced around the library, “What the hell is hell? Why suddenly ask such a thing?”

Seung Hyun hand gently touched the back of the Eun Kyo’s hand, a subtle way to force her to re-look at him. “Princess, answer me.”

“Choi Seung Hyun-ssi, saranghae. Je suis amourais de toi…” that girl spoke softly, but her words made an echoed form in the Seung Hyun’s ears.

The only certain thing in this world is uncertainties, and that girl feeling to him. Seung Hyun shouldn’t have doubted it. He just needed to remember how the girl waited his disappearance for a year, when it maybe more people vied for her heart. He just needed to remember that excessive heart contractions in the left chest of the girl when the universe finally united them in a warm embrace.

Everyone can say love, but not everyone is able to wait for love. Especially if that love had disappeared like the wind that secluded strands of hair and went. But that girl could. Was not it more than enough for a person with sickness like him?

Yeah. Person who foolishly hurtled the girl beside him with a eliminated of his existence, and will hurt her again. For that moment, he wanted to steal time to be happy and give that girl happiness. Just for this moment.

This time he linked all his fingers in between Eun Kyo’s fingers slowly and without warning. Eun Kyo gasped for a moment, but not refused. Until then ten fingers were fused together, gave a warmth from the both hands.

“I love you, Choi Eun Kyo. And Will always do…”

The red speeded fast in her both cheeks.

Lost. He disappeared.

Like seclude a cloud in the sky, so do not leave any lumps.


That moment was the last time he could see Seung Hyun’s dark eyes, feel the warmth like a power of touch their skin, to enjoy love without words.

The last time.

For the second time, he was gone like the wind in her life.

For the second time, he went without leave a message for her.

And for the second time, that girl felt how painful a loss.

Love is like two sides of a coin, can raise a person but also can destroy a person’s life. This time that love was working for the last, destruction. The girl was devastated. All seemed to be numb. She couldn’t feel anything except pain always stabbed right in the left chest, in her heart. No more a dimples form in both cheeks when she smiled, no longer glow when she saw. All kinds of happiness that known has become extinct from her life.

Just asked her, where the most painful part of a loss. She would answer with one sentence to the flat but stabbed you till your heartburn. Since losing the man is the most painful. Without say. Without any explanation. Only questions and impossible dreams.

For this time, what should she do? Where she look for?


Judgement for her is when he left her. She could not even imagine even just a glimpse…


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