Like A Maple

Autumn winds begin to blow all my bones piercing the tight, making the whole chilling at the nape of the neck and arms stand up straight. I can only close long purple coat and try to warm my body. My eyes see the red maple leaves that fall from the branches one by one and float slowly toward the ground.

Uwaaa… Why you are so long…??

I pull out my cell phone and press a few buttons to type a short message.

To: Lee Seung Hyun

Where are you? It is so long…

No need to wait a long time, my cell phone ring shrilly.

From: Lee Seung Hyun

Mianhae, noona. I’m still on the faculty. Where are you, noona?


To: Lee Seung Hyun

In front of our club. Very cold in here, Seung Hyun! Palli!


From: Lee Seung Hyun

Jeongmal mianhae… be patient, please… after this I‘ll be there. Wait a minute … 🙂


I put my phone back into my coat pocket and look the maple tree that has been depleted molt. Autumn winds have made him abandoned by his friends’ leaves to go.

Seung Hyun-aa! Sooo long time, isn’t it! Way here‘s not far!!

Huaaaaahh … Do I just go home? My house is not too far away …

But I want to see you although only briefly…  anyway I want to look at your face that more handsome today …

Seung Hyun-aa, come on … hurry up…

I sighed softly. Lee Senghyun, why I could love you?


How does it feel if your life and your love is like a roller coaster because you love your junior?

It may be like me …



“Eun Kyo, This Lee Seung Hyun, PDD staff who will work with you on this committee.” Kang Daesung, my senior introduced me to you.

I was looking at you who just stood in front of me. I could only look at you at a glance without any other feeling. Small eyes with bags underneath, pale flawless skin, red and curly hair like maple leaves in autumn, and an SLR camera in your neck that I didn’t know what it is its brand. Like a professional photographer, you’re carrying a big bag with a tripod hanging at his side.

“Annyeong. Kim Eun Kyo imnida, semester four.”

You smiled. So sweet and instantly, I was sedated in a curved line on your lips. “Annyeong, Eun Kyo sunbae. Lee Seung Hyun imnida. Semester two. ”

Ahh … a new student…

“Don’t call me sunbae. Just noona. I think, in one division should make us become closer. And call me sunbae will make you clumsy. “I smiled.



And so the story begins…

When summer comes and maple trees still green and fresh. When the leaves are still at the branches and twigs. When the buds begin to grow in my heart …



“Noona, it seems we are still a lot of work. I buy food first, yes…”

I who concentrated on a laptop in front of me immediately turned to look at you that have already started to move from your chair. Your curly hair uncovered by small gusts of wind that passes through our seats. “Ah, nee.”

“Noona, I also want to buy yogurt. Do you want too, noona?”

“Euuhm… I think not. My throat hurts …”

You looked at me worried. Just a moment, but I knew it. “Really? Okay. I go first.”

You’re left to your sport bike and rode away. I can only see your shadow that disappeared from behind the maple tree that stands firmly on the club yard, where I and you worked at this time.


“Noona, it is yours.” You handed me something. I had been still struggling with my laptop without being aware of your arrival immediately rotate my eyes to something in your hand.

“What’s this?” I took the package that you gave me bewildered. Cold, but not too cold.

You stroked my hair slowly, as usual I did to you. Your big hand touched my head up to meet my skull. “That? Your favorite chocolate yogurt. And without the ice, because noona is sick.”

“Eh?” I was dumbfounded.

You sat up and looked back at my laptop without looking at me again. Without you knew, maybe my lips had smiled in delight.



As if the maple tree in the summer. Your kindness can make me feel shady. Hugging myself until I sheltered from the heat of the sun …



To: Lee Seung Hyun

We go to the press, right? I will finish my class at 10.


From: Lee Seung Hyun

yes, noona. Just message me if your studies are finished. I’ll pick you up. : D



To: Lee Seung Hyun

College is over. Where are you?

No replied.

I waited for you in front of the faculty building, with a smile of course. Imagine after this you come here, and smiled at me, make my chaotic mess day that will easily change fun.

Five minutes …

Ten minutes …

Fifteen minutes …

I was getting annoyed. What do you do to forget your promise, Seung Hyun-aa!

I reached into my bag and took the phone from inside. By easily I could find you on my call list. Of course, because it has become my routine to get in touch with you, until your number was stored properly on the top list inbox. My fingers pressed the ‘call’ and …

“Yoboseyo? Noona?”

“Lee Seung Hyuuunn! Why you are so looooongg! I’ve been waiting until being a mold here now! “I was immediately attacked with annoyance. I particularly do not like the activity named ‘wait’, as he also didn’t like to wait.

“College is over, noona? I’m still in the club…”

“Already from fifteen minutes ago! Aaahh! Well, I go there alone!”

“EH?! SHIREOO! ANDWAEE! Noona, you wait there and do not go anywhere! I am going there now!”


Eh? What it means?

Soon, even when I had finished I came out of my surprised, suddenly you are in front of me. Sat in motor sport are you proud of and took off your helmet. Your hair that had been closed helmet loose with a little moist. There was sweat flowing in the head up to your cheek. It makes me a little … guilty.

“Mianhae, noona. make you wait … ”

I can only be stunned …



“Noona, I can’t stay with you take care of PDD from tomorrow until Thursday.” That is what you say on the way to printing. Surprised me is not playing. What do you mean this guy?

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going hiking, and join in photography competition.”

“And then? I’m all alone?”

“You still have other staffs, noona … Your staff not just me, right?”

“Heehh …” I sighed softly. I knew, I could not stop you. Because I knew, what is spoken from your lips is only a notification. And it made me disappointed.

“Okay, as soon as I returned from the mountain, I’m going straight to the club and help you. How, noona? ”

I was speechless. Even when you are going too, you’re still thinking of me. How good you are. However, although it may be better, still, the day without you are empty and flat. There’s not a hill that can make my heart jumped.

Along the way on the bike, I could only stare back, blankly…



” Seunghyun-aa… let’s go home… I have my Japanese courses…” I started to whine to you when you just came from your faculty and looked at my watch frantically.

“Okay okay… Clean up your stuff first …” you smiled a little to see my panic. “Also clean up my laptop noona. You are wearing it since last, rite?”

“Nee nee. It’s still I turn off his laptop…” I did this all because I was using it since last even though he went for the exam. Therefore, my responsibility also to fixed it.

Clean up your stuff like this made me very happy. I felt like I was a wife who is very concerned about her husband. If I imagined it, my lips smiled slightly.

“Seung Hyun, where will you go?” Daesung sunbae asked you a while ago.

“Molla. I just drive noona to her course, because the course will begin. Then… go home.” You said lightly, as if what you say is the reasonableness of a junior usher his senior.

But you knew, your words like a little earthquake that shook the club room. All people in the club room was immediately reacted strongly. “OMOOOO……!!!!”

And I was sure my face is now as red as ripe apple…



Like Maple leaves in late summer that slowly turn yellow and red with a stunning…

Your gentle attitude has always amazed me. Drug me to just look at you …



I just got out of my bathroom when I saw my cell phone on. Message from you.


From: Lee Seung Hyun

Noona, I’m in front. Palli. It was like rain …


From: Lee Seung Hyun

Noona, it’s downpour. I’ll take shelter first. After this I returned …


Haiisshh! How can I take a shower for so long until he was caught in the rain!

Instinctively I pressed a few buttons and a dial tone began to sound.

“Yoboseyo? Seung Hyun-aa … Where are you? Jeongmal mianhae … I just got a bath … ”

“I’m still at the security post near your house. This rain isn’t too heavy now. Yes I’m going to your house right now …”

“Ah, nee.”

When I ran out of my house, your sport bike just stopped in front of my house. Sweaters that you wear starting moist and your hair a little wet and agglomerate due to rain.

“Noona, do you have a raincoat?” You asked, taking off your helmet.

I shook my head.

“Oh, how is this? My raincoat is only to one person…” I looked on his confusion face, as if looking for other ways besides using a raincoat. But what? Want to use umbrella, hoobae?

I smiled slightly. “It’s okay, Seung Hyun-aa. I can wear my coat. Hang on, I grab my coat first.”

My legs turned into the house and took my jacket.

Soon, I came out wearing my purple coat and installed the capuchon. “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Noona, wear my raincoat, please.” You handed me something. I just looked at that stuff you gave me with puzzled look.

“Eh? Then? What do you wear?”

“I’m lazy to use it. Afterall I’ve been wearing my sweater, noona … “you smiled a little. The smile that always makes your little eyes was just a line of the crescent.

“Uh, no. I’ve already made…”

“Noona …” you cut off my words, as if you knew what I’ll say. “Come quickly wear my raincoat, or we do not leave?”

“Eh? Okay… “I could only smile without you knew and started wearing it. My heart was pounding every raincoat scraped my skin. This fragrance … your smell. Yet this is only your raincoat…

I still putted the buttons when you laughed at me. I just glance to you with confused. “Heii noona… That is so huge, right? It’s got who, noona?”

Red tinge to quickly met my face. “Come on, Seung Hyun-aa … gomawo …”



And the maple leaf began to redden. In contrast with morning sun and brighten the night.

Such was able to illuminate my lonely heart…



Someday, my division got a big problem. So great problem into just for face the life I was really discouraged. I, as chairman of the division, it feels like suppressed a stone too large to even to get rid of anything I could not. I, you, and some people in my division still in the hall until late…

“Noona, let’s eat first. Daesung sunbae have brought dinner for us.” You touched my shoulder is still concentrated with my laptop.

I just looked at you without expression. All these problems made me lose the appetite to felt and did anything. “I have no appetite, Seung Hyun-aa… you can eat it first…”

“Noona, you must eat. noona can get sick if noona don’t eat… “you smiled a little. But I could see the worry on your face. You concerned about my health.

“I’m not hungry, Seung Hyun-aa …”

“But noona have to eat. Let me accompany you… Or should I help you to eat? “You tried to tease me and laughed mischievously.

“Eh? No, Seung Hyun-aa … “I quickly rejected with little embarrassed. I can assure my face was flushed and my heart pounded so fast.

You took foods that are lying on the table and bring it to me. “Well, come eat with me. And don’t say ‘no’!”

My lips were open to reject it back shut and looked at you let go, but also happy. Because at my hard moment like this, you’re there for me…



“Eun Kyo, do not you go home? It’s so late… “Daesung sunbae showed a worried expression when he saw how I was doing a daze.

“Aniyo, sunbae. I have to help them complete the task. I head of the division, sunbae … “I refused smoothly and forced my lips to smile.

“Eun Kyo, you’re a girl and not good for girl go home too late. Or I ask the kids to drive you? ”

I shook my head slowly. “No, sunbae …”

“Sunbae, noona will not want to go home when not with me …” you suddenly there behind me and said casually to Dae sunbae. Then your eyes turned toward me. “Yeah right, noona?”

I was just silent. In my heart, there seems to be fireworks that started small bubbling. When I saw Daesung sunbae with the corner of my eye, Dae sunbae just smiled knowingly at me.

What is mean of this smile?

… …

“Noona, let’s go home. It was very late … ”

“Ah, yes …” I was moving toward my laptop and fixed it with bare feet. Yes, since I’ve been barefoot because it makes me more free to move.

Suddenly you came to me with carrying my high heels. “Here I bring you your shoes, noona.”


“Why? I’m good, right? “You grinned mischievously. “Where your feet, noona? I wanna wear it for you…”

“Ah! Eh? No, Seung Hyun-aa … “I quickly snatched my shoe and put it in silence.

Again, you make my chest beating, Seung Hyun-aa!

… …


“Noona, do not worry about that problem …” you said it in front of my house, looked at me with worry.

“Without any thought, the problem is automatically popped into my head …”

You smiled slightly and caressed my hair. “You can sleep, noona … if you need anything, just call me.”

Inevitably, my lips smile when I heard your words, though you may not see it. “Nee, Seung Hyun-aa …”



And now … like the maple leaves begin to fall leaving the branches … I’m afraid to lose you, Seung Hyun-aa …




“Seung Hyun-aa, your obligatory gifts in my bag. However, do not open it here … “I whisper it when the meeting took place.

Gift mandatory was a small event at my club every month. Point to strengthen the relationship of each member club. You must wait to whom the gifts will be given, because the recipient’s name will be given randomly. Incidentally, I have to give you.

A little happy, because at that time, also corresponds with your birthday …

“Waeyo, noona? That is my present, right. It’s up to me to open it…” you took your gift and started damaging the wrapper.

“EH?! ANDWAEE! “I shouted spontaneously and took back your gift. My voice may be so great, until the whole room looked at me. Quickly, I immediately putted it in your bag.

“What’s in it, noona? Bomb? ”

“Nothing. But please, open it in your house alone, Seung Hyun-aa … ”

“What the heck, noona …”

… …


“Noona,  can I open this present now?” You asked me in front of my house.

“ANDWAEEE!” I insist on denying your request. I was too embarrassed to admit that now exists in your hand is not just a present obligation. I was too embarrassed to see your expression when you see what is behind the yellow paper. I was too embarrassed to say that I think about wrapping it up to almost two weeks without stopping.

I was too embarrassed to tell you all that …

“Waeyo, noona? It’s mine now … “you decided to continue to tease me.

“Yes please, please open. I went first to the house. “My legs turned and walked away leaving you.


My feet that just walked two steps and suddenly stopped. Your firm hand ambushed my little hands. Made my heart beating until it feels like to break my ribs.

“Noona, you should see me open my present. Jebal … ”

My God, what should I say now? Reject it?

I turned around and back towards him. “Okay, it’s up to you…” I said resignedly.

You slowly unwraped it and removed that yellow cover. And as long as you opened it, I could only express hope anxiously. Do you like it? Will you accept it?

You managed to remove it and looked at him stunned. A split second later, your eyes rounded, your mouth opened and amazement expression clearly etched in your perfect face. “Woww! Noona! Photo editing book! This is for me! Jincha?! ”

I smiled happily. “Nee, it’s for you …”

A Photoshop editing book. Books that you want as a photographer. I know it. I really know what you want, Seung Hyun-aa …

I even think about it all the time to find a gift that …

You’re tossing and turning the book with amazement, then paused and looked at me. “Noona, isn’t this book I wanted and once I show you?”

I nod.

Yes, you’ve showed it to me at the bookstore, Seung Hyun-aa. You told  me if you want it. Therefore, I wanted the book to be yours …

“Gomawoyoo, noona …! Noona, I tell you. I have a noona a spoiled, but also very kind to me … ”

I kept a smile on my face. Your words were like flames that made a loud eruption in my heart and surge of blood flow took place so quickly. “Huuu … give me a present on my birthday later!”

“When did your birthday, noona?”

“October …”

You were silent, grim. Then your eyes looked at me wistfully. Hey, don’t make me confuse, Seung Hyun-aa! Why are you staring at me like that? What is it?

“October’s I was not there at the club, noona …” you looked at me gravely.

Ah yes … you’ve quit the club this September …

Then, what about me, Seung Hyun-aa? You left me after I had been accustomed to the kindness of your heart, with your care? Everything will be different without you.

I do not want to, Seung Hyun-aa …

I just kept silent.



My eye glance at my watch on my right hand with dismay. It’s almost fifteen minutes. Why he do not come?

I sigh and look back the maple leaf that continued to fall without thinking of the tree. Fall … and fall color decorate the streets of the ashes.

How could I not fall in love with you if you are so warm to me and protect me?

How could I not fall in love with me if you are so gentle to be in front of me?

How could I not fall in love when you are so concern ignored me?

And the raincoat, and the words, and that smile, caress the hand that … how could I forget all the precious memories?

And when at last I know this happiness, hop-stepping this heart, will end, how my heart could not be cut?

What a pain to remember things like that …

And with all that happens, the difference lies, and love that fester … Can I survive …?

Could I look forward to you? Or just a feeling that this will ultimately hurt my own heart?

Can I keep this feeling? Or I should throw it away?

Whether I could survive with the ever tightening heartbeat when you’re near him, get his attention, his smile…?

I do not know, Seung Hyun-aa … if love is … ‘right’?

I can only surrender, as the bare maple trees. Who let the leaves have gone away …

A motorcycle come over and stop in front of me. A person who drive it open his helmet and look at me. “Noona, do you wait too long?”


4 thoughts on “Like A Maple

  1. Hi..this is my first comment.. First, I’m so glad to see an author that write in English like you. Two thumbs!
    It’s a great story! There’s some different feeling from the Indonesian one…and I love it so! Just little bit curious, are you a VIP? 😀

    • halooo !
      u’re the first reader that comment in my little blog.
      hha… I just try to use my english, altough I still bad in this language. =.=a

      thank youu.. ^^
      o ya? what’s different? but still thank you cz u still love it so.. 😀

      yepp, wd proud I say, I am VIP. hhe.. 😀

  2. Annyeong! This is my first time I read a fanfic in english. A little bit headache with many words that I didn’t know what the meaning is (poor me) -,- so, I read this fanfic w/ english dictionary beside me. LOL 😀

    Well, I like the story. I like how gentle Seunghyun is. His attitude had just make me in love w/ him. Eun Kyo is such a very lucky girl!

    But, I think the end of this story is a little bit ‘gantung’ (bahasa inggris’a gantung apasih? Hehehe) so, why don’t you make a sequel/epilogue/something like that of this story?

    Well, that’s it. Sorry if my comment just like a spam :p kkk

    oh, ya. Btw, do you like dandelion? Cause I like dandelion, too ><

    • annyeoongg!
      welcome to my li’l blog. 😀

      first time? wow. I’m so appreciate to u, cz u still want read this fanfic. hha. 😀
      bring dictionary too is another way to learn english rite?

      yepp, how gentle of him. and how lucky of eun kyo. i think everyone wanna have a man like him. :p

      gantung? not finish yet?
      honestly I wanna make a sekuel for it, but I don hve time.
      I hope I have time for make it. ^/\^

      spam? big LIE if I say this. I love ur comment, dear.. 🙂

      and yahh, I really love dandelion. 🙂

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