Love Skating

Tittle : Love Skating

Cast : Daesung, Taeyang, G-Dragon (Bigbang), Kim Soo Hwa (OC)

Genre : Commedy, romantic


Kim Soo Hwa POV

My foot dancing nimbly on ice. My smile inflate see audiences on the edge of the arena are amazed at the attractions that I show continuously in front of them. Some hard movements I play without hesitation. At first the toe loop, walk a minute, double lutzes, and then do a spin around the track of ice that freezes to form the number 3 and then rotate. This are difficult steps, but I like doing this movements. I glanced at the jury in addition to the arena, it is hindered by the fence that encloses a neat trajectory of this round.

My childhood isn’t like this. Believe me, I was the person who couldn’t say what I want to say. Even to be acquainted with boy that I liked…



Soo Hwa, Grade 3 Elementary School

“Huweee … Please return this to meeee!” I ran after two annoying boys who endless tease me. My tears been loose since two boys who are now laughing satisfied, as if proud of what they had done to me, took my favorite thing forcibly.

“What’s wrong with you, Soo Hwa?  Do you go to school with carry a teddy bear like this? “Said Young Bae, one of men, by waving my doll into the air.

“Return to meee!” I continued to nag at them.

Please return this! Return it to me! That doll is gift from eomma!

“Huh! You are ugly, but wear clothes like that! No match! “Said Jiyong, the other boy pointing school skirt I was wearing.

I hate on all boy! They all suck! Why all boys do is evil! I hate theeeemmm!


I turned toward the voice at my side, so did the two stupid boys in front of me. After a while, we could only silence stunned to see someone who was suddenly beside us and yelled furiously.

A boy. He’s apparently not much different from me. He put both his hands on her waist. Her thin eyes glaring wide as he could, staring straight and sharp towards the two inexperienced boys.

In my eyes, he’s like shining, like many stars that glow around him. Cute…

“Do not act like thugs here!”

“Who would pretend thug! We’re still elementary school!”

“Girls should be treated special, rather than be teased like this. All you were doing is not polite.”

“What do you mean?! I don’t understand! ”

“If you like him, say honestly. Seeking attention in this way is very childish. “He shook his head, could not help wondering.

That two boys’ face was now turning red. Really red.

“Who like her?!” Jiyong confused. I don’t know why all of a sudden their attitude like that.

“Nee! Things like this ugly! “Youngbae slammed my doll to the ground.


My hand moves as if to reach my doll was slammed rough. My tears are streaming down when see this doll now covered the ground in that body. My doll…

After they get rid of my doll, Jiyong and Youngbae immediately ran to leave us. Huh! Namja babo!!

I immediately ran to the doll, which is now not clear what the color, but immediately I stopped my movements. Like a slow motion, my eyes see the boy who had helped me take the first doll and cleaning. Then he handed it to me.

“It’s yours right?” She handed me my doll and smiling. His smile was shining, as if looking at it will direct your day shine bright. “You Kim Soo Hwa from class 3-B, isn’t it?”

I was shocked. How did he know my name?

His smile was wide swell. Makes her eyes get smaller, but make it look like a painting that became real. So beautiful. “We are in the same school, how can I not remember girl as sweet as you? If you have a problem, say so. I’ll help you.”

Uwaaaaaa …. He knows my name! He remembers me!

I could feel my blood collect in my face and make the skin on my cheeks flushed. My chest is pounding without the rhythmic. I do not know what bubbling hormones in my body were, but it feels so nice. It’s really fun!

Cool! Cool! Apparently in this world there is a boy that so cool and so shine like this?!! Uwaaaa… He’s a prince!

“Okay, see you later.” He waved for a moment and turn direction. Then he left me that look at him dumbfounded. I stopped staring at his back away, and disappeared. A moment later, then I will realize something important.



I looked around the school, up and down stairs at school that consists of three floors. I don’t know where his classroom. I have asked all the children who can be met along the corridor that I passed. Only a guide armed with a slanted eye to be seen only in line, and dazzling smile, which perhaps you can find it. Otokhe?!! Aiisshh… How stupid of me!

Confused, I ruffled my hair. My mind is confused, looking for that boy in the whole space of school and I still can’t find it. I paused and leaned against one of the windows on the second floor corridor of the school. From here, I can see clearly a football pitch. I looked at the kids who were running without any direction without interest. My mind drifted and soared into the clouds that marched on top of me.

Huufftt … where else I can find that Prince??!

Suddenly the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of someone. This day I was looking for someone to make me despair. Someone who really shine like the sun than others. At that moment, my heart was beating very fast straight. Tired who had been I felt turned into a passion I felt immediately when I saw he playing ball with others.

I immediately ran down the hall with hasty. Several times, I hit people who were walking against the flow that I passed. I am down the stairs and out onto the soccer field. My footsteps stopped beside the field that goes too. My breath several times gasping and panting, as though I need much oxygen and so much more to get into my lungs. My heart is still beating without any clear rhythm. But the feelings that swelled since managed to find this really makes me excited.

That boy turned toward me. “Soo Hwa? What is it? ”

Still panting, I tried to say what I want to ask him since earlier. “You … you … what’s your name?”

His forehead wrinkled for a moment. “I do not say it?” He grinned. “Kang Dae Sung imnida.”

I squeeze my hands nervous. I want to say something to him. But, would he accept it? Shy girl like me… no one will ever like me… Come on, Soo Hwa! Say to him, and remove your courage!

“Dae Sung… can I be your friend?”

Still with a charming smile on her face beautifully mounted, he replied, “Of course.” On his watch and then glanced at his right hand. “I have to practice ice skating.”


“Nee. Ice-skating. Very fun! Come to the place of my training, I will teach you. I went first, annyeong! “He picked up his bag, and waved at me. Then he turned left once again made fascinated by it.


I ran into my brother’s room. “Oppaaa! I want to learn ice-skating! ”

He sees very surprise when I suddenly opened his room and ran toward him. “Jincha?”

I nodded confidently.

He picked me up and let me sit in his lap. Her body was large enough to measure high school kids that can easily be lifted. “Nee nee. I have friend that coach figure-skating. Tomorrow we get there. Be prepared.”

I nodded, pleased. “Hem!”



Seoul Skating Center

Dae Sung glide over the ice with a lively, a moment later he jumped high and re-do the spin off in the arena.

I can only look his back with a look of admiration. My heart is immediately beating when I saw it. Why he’s so bright and blinding?


Girls ran a bunch of hit me, but they still ran without care to me who had fallen on the ground. They ran towards the … Dae Sung. “Dae Sung! Can you teach us? ”

Dae Sung smiled at them. A sparkling smile. “You come back here again? Can …”


My heart sank. Why did you give them your smile? Don’t you know how your smile is so beautiful?

“Dae Sung is a lonely child. His parents always worked late into the night. Because of that, he always wanted someone beside him to talk. But, why only women?”

I turned toward the sound. I realized there was a man that same age with my brother was standing next to me. Who is he?

His gaze turned toward me and smiled. “I am Yang Hae Yong, a friend of your brother. I coach figure skating here. Do you want to come?” The coach was then squat and thrust his face at me. He whispered, “If you’re proficient, Dae Sung and will certainly be fascinated to see you.”

Hearing the last words he spoke to me, my face flushed like a doused spontaneous paint, and my heart was pounding with excitement. “All right! I’m coming! ”


I want to be a privilege for Dae Sung …

“Dae Sung, please pick Soo Hwa up to her house…” the coach told Dae Sung, who was passing behind him.

“Okay, songsaengnim!”

I was walking around the arena ice, immediately cease to hear the answer Dae Sung. My heart immediately pounding again and the red tinge on my face could no longer hide.


Being a girl that most interesting in this world … I want Dae Sung fascinated me …

“Okay, one … two … three …”

I lifted my left leg and put it on my right knee. Then my right leg lifts until the thing that treads on the ground just a tip of my toes.

“Soo Hwa, now your ballet dancing is better. I like your progress. ”

“Khamsahamnida, songsaengnim …”



7 years later…

I want to be great, until Dae Sung could only see me … I want Dae Sung just be mine alone …

I lifted my body to stand upright on the ice with a fixed slide. I step more quick for make a difficult shaping the trajectory and riveting on the ice, preparing to do the last attraction that I prepared for a long time. I raised my right leg a little so as not to tread on the ice and put on the back of my left leg. Then, SRETT! I jumped back and return to its original position. I walk a step, and make the leap again. Double lutzes is finish. Jury, look at me. These attractions will amaze you.

I held my hands and jumping high and spinning in the air.

One lap…





This is my attractions! Leap five rounds!


My feet tread again on the ice when the thunderous applause throughout the stands. Not only that, when finally I could get my balance back, I look towards the audience. They do a standing applause for me. I smiled proudly at me. Of course, doing leap three rounds are difficult, and this is five!

I closed my show. Then, I looked down thanks to the presence of the audience.

Dae Sung, whether you’ve charmed me now?



Dae Sung POV

I waited Soo Hwa, my friend since childhood who is racing today. It is fun for waiting her.

“Kim Soo Hwa, jo hae.”

Deg! My heart immediately pounding when hears words that had just spoken. Who’s that?! Who would say that to Soo Hwa?! Soo Hwa was only allowed to be mine!

I turned around to find anyone who dared say it in Soo Hwa.

I saw a person give a bouquet of flowers into the hands Soo Hwa. Soo Hwa then picks it up and that flowers has changed to her hand, a girl that more beautiful than flowers that had just received. She smiled pleased. “Khamsahamnida.”

My heart sank once again saw her receive the flowers. My pounding increased without a definite rhythm, as if kept pace with my breaths that also hunt angrily. Shortness of breath with emotion that seemed to want to spend the entire quota of oxygen around. I could feel my blood flow heats up and move quickly in one direction, my brain. Flow through blood vessels in my face makes my face was flushed, and of course makes it even hotter as fire.

Haiiissh! Why do you accept?! Soo Hwa Babo!

That person was passed and Soo Hwa ran towards me, who had been waiting for her. She smiled with delight. “Dae, look! I can be of interest! Beautiful, right? ”

I walked fast to leave without looking at her at all. “Ugly.”

Soo Hwa ran after me. “No way. This is sooo beautiful…”

“Come on, let’s go home!”

“Daeee … don’t walk too quick!!” Soo Hwa breathlessly trying to catch my long and quick stride. I want to stop my steps because of pity for her. But I cancel it, because the words she spoke next. “Please slower your stride! My flowers will fall!”

That flowers again?!! I told you it was lousy, Soo Hwa!

I turned to her and looked disgusted.

My sudden movements surprised Soo Hwa. “Dae?”

Without saying anything, I immediately seized her bouquet of flowers that handheld earlier. Soo Hwa’s eyes rounded, shocked by what had just done. She followed my hand movements that throw away the flower toward the river beside the road we passed. Not long, it drifted with the current rates until no visible again by our view.

“Yaa! What are you doing?!!” She looked at me angrily.

I responded with a sharp gaze. I held all the emotion that has been bubbling since earlier. “Don’t say anything and accept anything from people you don’t know, Soo Hwa!”

She sank. Angry stare was replaced with shock to hear what I said. Silence surrounded us for a moment, before she spoke. “Do… you … jealous?”

Now I switch that was shocking. She guessed what I feel with very precise. But my ego told me not to admit it. How could a Dae Sung, the famous figure skating athletes, admit it was embarrassing to her?

“Ani!” I turned to leave.


A bag floating right on my head. “Dae babooo!”

I turned again towards him and glared at her angrily. “Haiiisshh! What are you doing?!”


“Soo Hwa?” I’m puzzled to see a sudden shout.

She clenched her hands into the air. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You don’t know how I feel! You never know how I feel! Every time you talk and laugh at other girls…”

Soo Hwa did not pursue her words. She just looked at me with angry stares. This is first time I saw she angry like that.

“Nevermind. I’m tired!” She walked away.

I’m still in shock. She also likes me? So I’m not ‘one hand clapping’?

I went straight after her and grabbed her hand up and now she’s back to deal with me. “Dae Sung, release me!”

I tighten the grip of my hand. I can’t take it off again. I just knew that he loved me too. So, it’s my time to tell my feelings to her too.

“Mianhae, Soo Hwa. Mian … ”

Shocked, she stopped her resistance to me. “What do you mean?!”

“Mianhae, Soo Hwa. I made you suffer because of my behavior. Mian… you… just you the princess for me.” I stared her eyes closely. “You’re always practicing so hard, fulfill your dreams until more than me. You’re so bright and charming. Every day, I can’t stop thinking about you. I… don’t know what should I do to chase you. Mianhaeyo. ”


Soo Hwa was silent waiting for the continuation of what I will tell to her. Look on her face hardened, as if shocked by every word that will come out of my mouth.

“Saranghaeyo, Kim Soo Hwa.”

She paused, once again, shocked by what I said. Soon, she smiled. “So you’re jealous?”

Her words are like card dead for me, really sharp and biting. And I can’t reply to her words. I released my grip and turned my gaze towards the other. I don’t want her to see my face that now is completely flushed. “Anii!”

“Yaa! You’re still not fair! “

Soo Hwa pushing my chest angrily. Unsteady balance because of encouragement that is too strong and I’m not ready to arrest her. My legs trying to hold my weight is crumbling, but failed and…


I plunged into the river behind me.



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